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Unication manufactures quality pagers for fire, search and rescue personnel. The Unication G-series pagers are known for their rugged durability and sporting numerous features over the competition, making them ideal for rescuers to rely on for communications when faced with any adversity.

These feature rich pagers come with a 2 year warranty, are impact resistant, meet IP67 and MIL 810E specifications to be dust and waterproofed (to 1 meter for 30 min.), include voice storage, and Bluetooth.

Available Now: Unication G1, first submersible, vhf/uhf/low band pager (view brochure).
Available Now: Unication G4, first of its kind, 700/800 MHz P25 pager (view brochure).

Available Now: G5 Dual-band pagers. 800 MHz P25 and supports UHF or VHF bands to offer the utmost interoperability for emergency communications solutions.


Mutual Aid Calls are made easier thanks to the G1 scanning and playback features. Fire departments covering their neighboring departments can program in and scan each others' frequencies (same band) and tones. The mutual aid calls tone out and will activate the G1's recording features and the user can play back the call, as needed, to validate unfamiliar addresses instead of asking over the air.

PL Tone Customization eliminates the nuisance of unwanted radio traffic after inputting your TPL or DPL into the G1 pager, also eliminating the need to remain in selective call mode.

Multitude of Scanning Options adds flexibility for stations and personnel. The G1 can be set up to scan any local area fire departments on the same frequency band. You can also set your fire deparment as a priority while in scan mode. If your department tones out, scan will stop and your pager will alert and record. In addition, personnel who work and vacation away from their home area are able to set up another scan zone, allowing them to monitor the area they are in.

Pager Identification helps quickly get misplaced pagers back to their owners. The G1 screen can be programmed to display the department's, usernames, or an employee ID. Any pagers left in the cab area of apparatus or around the stations can be instantly identified and returned.

Replay Delay can be used to require a two second "press and hold" on the replay button to avoid hearing a message if you accidentally bump the button. The pagers can be programmed either for button push or two second hold.

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