TK-5730 / TK-5830 / TK-5930

TK-5730 / TK-5830 / TK-5930

5-50W VHF, 4-45W UHF, 2-35W 700/800MHz, P25 Convetional/Trunked, 4W Speaker Audio, TFT LCD Display, GPS, Bluetooth, microSD for Voice Recording, DES and Optional AES Encryption, IP54/55, MIL-STD-810 c/d/e/f/g.

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The TK-5930 is EFJohnson's take on Kenwood's 5000 series mobile radios. All of the prevelent Kenwood features are still included with the software defined mobile but the NXDN capability has been stripped. The NXDN feature can be readded later through the vendor if needed. The mobile is P25 ready and supports data encryption.