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The answer in most cases here is yes. Businesses are typically looking for a wider area of coverage and having frequencies available for their private use, both of which a FCC license will provide. FRS (Family Radio Service) radios are designed to operate on restricted frequencies at low power with a fixed antenna can be used without a license.

Anywhere from about half a mile, to half a state, to multiple sites all around the country. Two-way radio is an extremely scalable communications solution. We tailor your radios and programming to your business needs by leveraging the physics behind radio signaling to give you the best coverage possible.

IS or Intrinsically Safe rated electronics are designed to be incapable of sparking or producing excess heat under load, this prevents triggering gas or dust explosions and fires in high risk environments. IS equipment is used in mining and petro-chemical industries and by public safety personnel who service high risk environments.

You should never attach or detach a battery from a radio in a high risk environment.

Yes, we sell public safety radios that will work on MPSCS. The network is managed by the State of Michigan but we can facilitate your licensing and programming request.

Other private networks are available to service commercial business needs if you’re looking for wide area radio coverage.

If you have too many dead spots or your campus is simply too large for a hand held radio to cover, you’re a good candidate for a repeater. Repeaters are installed, ideally, towards the middle of your campus and all radio traffic goes through the repeater before being amplified at very high power and “repeated” out to all radios in thearea. The amplified signal covers much more distance than a battery powered hand held.

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