Iridium phones provided mobile satellite phone communications that spans the entire globe. Iridium phone handsets provide maritime communications, land and air applications over Iridium satellite network.

Iridium Phone Plans

Iridium Satellite Phone Plans


Iridium Postpaid Airtime
$59.99 Monthly service fee (10 min incl.)

Cost per minute
Calls to fixed or cellular phones $1.49
Voice or data calls to Iridium phones $0.99
Calls to other satellite phones $9.95
Checking voice mail $0.99
Sending SMS message cost (180 char.s, 10 incl.) $0.50
Free to receive SMS messages
$8.95 Monthly for 1 + access fee
Receiving calls via Iridium 2 stage dialing and 1 + service $1.49
Activation fee$30.00 (Free with 12 months contract) $1.39
75 minute saver plan available
$91.50 monthly; Same additional costs

1 Plus Access Option

Iridium phones are normally given 12 digit international phone numbers starting with 8816. 1 plus access numbers link a US phone number to the phone. With this option callers will only pay for long distance to the US area code assigned and the user would pay $1.39 per minute to receive the call. Without this option the caller could pay up to $10.00 per minute. The other option is 2 stage dialing.

Two Stage Dialing Option

This option also saves the caller the internationalcharges, but is done by dialing an Iridium gateway first. The caller will dial an Arizona exchange 480-768-2500 and will then get a voice prompt asking them to enter the 12 digit Iridium phone number. This process can take up to a minute so be patient. There is no monthly fee for this option.

Rates do not include any government mandated service fees or taxes. There is a $150.00 early cancellation fee if customer opts for a 1 year service agreement.

12 months

Iridium Prepaid airtime
Minutes included Valid for Cost Price per minute Rollover minutes
75 30 days $175.00 $2.33  
200 180 days $525.00 $2.63  
300 12 months $695.00 $2.31  
600 12 months $795.00 $1.65
1200 12 months $1550.00 $1.29
3000 24 months $3100.00 $1.03
5000 24 months $4500.00 $0.90

* 3.4% tax recovery on all post paid Iridium air time.