Digicom Global, Inc. was founded in 1994 as a provider of quality wireless products, systems and services. We specialize in sales  and service of two-way radios, satellite phones, GPS tracking systems and cellular telephony. Our primary customers are from business, industrial and government sectors and come from across the country – and around the world.

Digicom Global is a service-oriented business dedicated to providing the exact solutions you need.  Whether you need a simple radio solution for onsite communications, P25 radios for statewide interoperability or satellite phones to communicate when nothing else works, Digicom Global can be your single source for wireless communications. We are constantly researching new products and work with customers to find easy to implement, effective solutions at fair prices. We not only sell—we consult—so you can get just the right solutions for your needs.

Digicom Global’s Mission Statement

We provide our customers with the best possible solution to their communications  needs and provide a level of customer service second to none in our industry. 

The Digicom Global Team

Tim HoernerTim Hoerner entered the wireless arena by working for Motorola in 1983 marketing pre cellular IMTS phones. By 1985 he left the company to found General Cellular Sales.  By 1988, Tim  had founded 2 more companies and  had branched into two-way radio and paging, back then, Crains Detroit Business nominated him as one of the telecommunication mavens of the year..

In 1995 Tim founded Digicom Global, Inc. and added satellite phones to an already robust wireless product line.  He believes that Digicom Global is really a consulting business. Under his lead, the company is focused on finding out as much as they can about a  business’s wireless needs and then either providing the answers or making recommendations of where the customer might go to get what they need..”

Tim enjoys running, swimming, biking, hiking, tennis, golf, reading and travel. He is newly married for the first time at 52 years of age and it’s the best thing he’s ever done.