Charger/Amplifier Antenna

When utilizing a charger/amplifier, the antenna has to be connected to the charger. When the pager is placed onto the charger/amplifier for charging, the pager senses this and no longer uses the antenna on the pager, but will now use the antenna on the charger/amplifier. This will improve the receive signal into the pager of about 20 db. This is helpful to add in stabilizing the signal into the pager, which now makes the pager not look at different nodes of reception signals, which makes the pager work less. In addition, if a local tower is not working, distant towers are more likely to be received. If your pager is not connecting, this could be the antenna on the pager. Place the pager onto the charger/amplifier and if the pager reconnects, than it may be the pager antenna or the stinger within the antenna base of the pager. To review the signal levels (RSSI), and the tower ID, go to the main menu, scroll down to “Diagnostic” screen and review the information about the connection while on the P-25 radio system. If using this as an analog pager, these features will not be seen