Disaster Relief

Reliable, mobile communication with immediate availability.

Remote areas can cause some unique problems with communications…

When you’re out of range of cellular or other forms of terrestrial commun…

The head of FEMA said, “we can no longer rely on terrestrial communications. Lessons have been learned from Katrina, Haiti and other man made and natural disasters. Satellite phones offer reliable, cost effective voice and data solutions when you need it most.

Because satellite phones act as a cellular phone would when cellular coverage is available voice and as a satellite phone when it is not, your communications are not dependent on the PSTN public switched telephone network. In fact satellite phones can contact each other when no other wireless or wireline infrastructure is available.

Our customers include state and local government, fire departments, police departments, military, hospitals, ambulance services, relief agencies and other emergency service organizations.

Digicom Global offers Globalstar, Iridium and Spacenet satellite solutions and is also a Kenwood two way radio dealer.

Portable phones can be given to rescue teams to communicate back to headquarters or to other satellite phones if landlines are not available. With GPS positioning users can transmit exact coordinates of where they are located. Car kits and transportable are available for mobile use.

Fixed units or base stations are available for in building use or can be mounted in a mobile command post. Multiple phone heads or cordless units can be integrated as well.

Data capabilities are available for checking and receiving emails, sending SMS, or browsing the web. With Spacenet you can even view streaming video at data speeds up to 5 mbps.

For the ultimate in connectivity and interoperability we can deploy a Spacenet Ion combined with a Raytheon ACU-2000 in either a case mounted fly and drive or vehicle mounted configuration. This allows you to quickly set up your own infrastructure, with capability of processing up to 12 simoultaneous satellite phone calls, 40 laptops and data speeds up to 5 mbps. When bundled with the Rayteon device you can communicate across platforms from VHF, UHF, P25 to cellular phones.