Reliable, mobile communication with immediate availability.

When you’re out of range of cellular or other forms of terrestrial commun…

The head of FEMA said, “We can no longer rely on terrestrial commun …

Remote areas can cause some unique problems with communications. There can be no reliable electrical power and little or no wireless or landline infrastructure. That’s where satellite phones come in. With Globalstar, Iridium or Spacenet you can have reliable voice and data communications when you need it most.

Digicom Global brings you easy to use, reliable and cost effective communications to mining and other remote areas all over the world. Whether you need to be in touch with company headquarters, quick access to send or receive mining data, or need help or medical supplies we can help.

Portable phones from Globalstar or Iridium allow onsite communications so long as you are outside and have clear access to the sky. Optional car kits or external antennas let you go for help and make calls while driving.

Fixed units or base stations allow calls from inside a building. You can plug in multiple phone extensions and can even add cordless phones for untethered communications.

Data capabilities are available with all our devices. Access your email, browse the web with Globalstar or Iridium. Data speeds up to 9600 baud or view streaming video with our Spacenet product which has data speeds up to 5 mbps.

For the ultimate in interoperability we can bundle a Spacenet Ion with a Raytheon ACU-2000 which can allow you to backup existing infrastructure and enables you to communicate with VHF, UHF, P25 radios and cellular phones.