Reliable, mobile communication with immediate availability.

Remote areas can cause some unique problems with communications…

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When you’re out of range of cellular or other forms of terrestrial communications, satellite phones gives you reliable voice and data communications when you need it most. Whether you’re part of a fishing fleet, research team, work boat, freighter or cruise ship Digicom Global has you covered.

Portable phones are ideal for boaters who want the convenience of portability in addition to the cabin phone. Although satellite phones need clear access to the sky for transmission, maritime kits are available which mount inside the vessel with an external antenna for cabin use.

Fixed units also allow for calls from inside the vessel, but give you the added benefits of being able to plug in multiple handsets or cordless phones for use throughout the ship.

Data capabilities are available with all our devices. You can check email, browse the internet for weather conditions and send instant messages.

Digicom Global, Inc. offers Globalstar and Iridium satellite services with products to fit your needs.