Emergency Management

Remote areas can cause some unique problems with communications…

When you’re out of range of cellular or other forms of terrestrial commun…

The head of FEMA said, “We can no longer rely on terrestrial commun …

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Communications

Emergency Management covers a broad range of topics. Everything from maintaining business continuity, preparing risk management to crisis management itself. Crises can come in many forms. Natural crises, like earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods, droughts, landslides and fires. Technological crises may include damaged infrastructure including things like electrical or nuclear power, internet, PSTN lines or wireless connectivity. Other crises might involve workplace violence, strikes, kidnapping or terrorism.

The list goes on and on and it seems that lately there has been an increase in all these areas. New government agencies like FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security and the Citizen
FEMA + Citizen CorpsCorp. were formed to combat some of these challenges, but in virtually all cases communications is a critical element in mitigating these crises scenarios.

Digicom Global, Inc. are your emergency management communications specialists. Our mission is “to provide our customers with the best possible solution to their communications needs and to provide a level of service second to none in our industry.”

To that end we provide satellite phones as the phone of last resort. The head of FEMA said “we can no longer rely on terrestrial communications.” Whether we have a blackout, like the one we had in Detroit in 2003, or lose infrastructure due to manmade or natural disasters, satellite phones will always work. We carry both Iridium and Globalstar satellite phones for voice and data communications. We also represent Spacenet. With Spacenet we can provide a
Spacenetrapidly deployable satellite device that can process a dozen calls simultaneously and operate up to 30 laptops at speeds up to 5 mbps. It can be case, vehicle or trailer mounted with a 1.2 meter dish and can be used as a mobile command post or even to temporarily back up infrastructure.

We carry Raytheon interoperability devices. With products like the ACU-1000 or ACU-2000 we can communicate across bands, allowing VHF, UHF, 800Mhz, P25 and even cellular to communicate directly to one another. There is no need to carry multiple radios or other devices.

KenwoodDigicom Global, Inc. is also a Kenwood 2-Way radio dealer. Kenwood is a 50 year old company. They manufacture a full line of analog and digital radios including P25 for public safety. Our digital NEXEDGE radios are designed for migration, allowing your new digital radios to communicate with your old analog radios. They are also designed for the future with 6 ¼ bandsplits. Our TK-5410 portable and TK-5910 P25 compliant radios are 700/800 Mhz and carry the best AMBE plus 2 vocoder in the business for call clarity and is backed by a premium 3 year warranty.

OTTOWe also represent some of the best two way radio aftermarket accessory carriers in the business. Companies like OTTO. OTTO is a 50 year old AMERICAN manufacturer and is the largest OEM private label manufacturer in the US. They make remote speaker microphones, throat and skull microphones, two wire and three wire microphones and a host of specialy products. IMPACT Communications is a 12 year old Canadian company carrying similar products and some specialty wireless products.

CON-Space Radio GearWe also carry CON-SPACE that specializes in products for confined spaces. We have voice amplifiers for Decon training, A Power Talk Box used to communicate where radios don’t, down manholes and in the event of a building collapse. This product was used to communicate with the Chilean miners when first found in 2011. It is a rugged, waterproof wired intercom system that can communicate up to 3000 feet.

3M PeltorAnd last but not least we represent 3M Peltor. They manufacture several emergency management products, such as the ORATAC for SCBA use. It works far better than throat or skull microphones and allows you to transmit and receive through your ears. It picks up whisper sounds, important for surveillance, but also amplifies ambient noise while reducing extreme noise. They also carry a new wireless intercom ystem allowing public safety personnel to work hands free and full duplex. 3M Peltor specializes in hearing protection devices and dual muff microphones for high noise environments.

At Digicom Global we try to always stay at the forefront of technology, so if you have a specialized need that we don’t have an excellent solution for let us know and we’ll do our best to research it for you. And if we can’t provide it for you we’ll refer you to someone who can.